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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Dedicated to: Billy Idol
If I should stumble catch my appropriate.
Just finished my work and the bottle of Jack. It is Sake time!!!
It is so strange I was on the phone with Keri, then I took several rollsof film to document the madness that is the living room. I know why it is called living because it is alive.
The events are in order from most recent to earliest of the days. Amanda Kat just knocked over a bike pump,
Mandy Kat:I didn't even touch that!!
now she grabbed a basketball and ran outside. Blogging in the portion of the couch that has refused to sink down.
Took many pictures, Steven Hall had a sandwhich clip clapped into his beard, Tyler went to a movie with another girl, after I had made him dinner. He likes my hair.
If you want to impress someone with a great salad the ingredients are simple...Lettuce, mixed baby greens, fresh pears, grapes(sliced in half, feta cheese, glazed pecans and ginger salad dressing. Supposidly you can win a man through his stomach, I found that this is not the case. Damn Martha Stewart, you dirty liar. Anywho Tyler and I worked all night while Mamey shot me angrey eyes. She has a thing for him...opps and I quote, "He is a golden god!" I love it, I love how Miss Mamey has no shame, she shakes her booty and hollers every chance she gets. One day she will seduce Steven Hall, she just is nver around when he has downed a bottle. i think timing is the most important factor, rather then food. Before USC tonight, I was celebrating my sisters 36th birthday, damn we are getting old. Her son and I screamed like Indian War children until my mother's hangover kicked in. She downed almost two bottles. Love it. I missde my little brother, he was unable to come down because he had too much work in SB.
Andrew wants to type in a poem about the it is...
Pale Face said to the Eyeball Kid: "she just goes 'CLANG, AND BOOM, AND STEAM,'" a halo with wings, and horns and a tail, shoveling coal inside my dreams, there are no laws, a Cheeto coat fills up with cream, she's such a scream.
Beautiful jjust beautiful...
Kate to Andrew:Are you going to bed?
Andrew: yhes but I will be back down.
what the hell does that made.
Steven says that Websters new world college dictionary is the official dictioanary of the associated press..good to know. Anywho I went to bed last night at four and woke up at seven e mezzo to meet Sophie at Temescal for our weekely walk. See every week we meet an either do something physical or mental. We go to museums or parks or the beach if it is cloudy. My mom is a beautician and she does not encourage me to venture out into the sun.Wrinkles my dear, wrinklles. Everything in my house at home is white, My mom finally branced out wuth off white. She is such a rebel yell. BGut I ain't nobodies fool, shit I am my own fool. I converted my embarresing moment into a one act play for BNT. Hopefully it will get chosen. Hmmm manybe I shoukld chancge the names, well no shame here I will leave it ultimalty. Andrew lies, he and miss mandy kat anre not returning back down the stairs. I think they be passed out.
I wish I could rock the cradle of love...
but this ain't gonna happen. I did see a 19 year old but unfortunalty he was seeing his girlfriend oh woe is me and my 21 years.. ha ha hah ah


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