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Thursday, January 15, 2004

The house is silent--
Steven Hall just pointed out that it is technically tomorrow, therefore I can get my next blog out of the way. I mean I don't see the blog process as a chore but it is a part of my course curriculum and any homework or assignment for that matter is a chore.
I live with Steven Hall, the tall mexican with a blue mo hawk, well actually it has taken on a slightly greenish hue, is sitting adjacent to myself. He is complaining about his 405 Hemingway assignment for Gummerman. Well actually he is trying to read and I keep interupting him with spelling concerns. So far I have inquired about 7 different words. Yeah I can't spell but I am Claire's angel. I met Claire today, she has pink hair and wears chokers. I was walking back from my dinner date, in a rather di
"Fuck yourself, fuck your mother, fuck your sister"-Steven Hall has spliced a Hemingway quote into my thought process.
Ok yeah where was I, I was walking back from dinner, listening to The Moldy Peaches(not to be confused with Peaches) when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a ghost with translucent pink hair by the name of Claire. I abandoned by childlike tunes and struck up a conversation. It is strange when you can tell when someone is dying to talk as opposed to when someone will bite your head off when interupted with mindless chatter. And I will be honest this was the most mindless of chatter. We talked about hair, I found out she was from Washington and originally a red head. I didn't bother inquiring about her major. I mean there are only so many times you can have the same conversation with different people. Our introduction ended as we reached her apartment when she hit me with it, "thank you for talking to me, you have been my angel for the night." I mean what does one say to that? I replied thank you asked her for her name, and invited her to a party this friday.
Ok let me clue you into my little game, The one rule is that whoever you talk to, it doesn't matter if it is your best friend, a neighbor or the parking attendent you have to get one laugh out of them. In this skeptical society it is becoming increasingly difficult to arose laughter and I hate that. But then again I dislike a lot of things I enjoy like not being able to sleep, blinddate or doughnuts. Steven on the other side of the couch said, " I'm not bothered by things that I enjoy." referring to cigs but then again here is a man who spent a fortune on education and his future plan after graduation is to move to Vegas and deal black jack. I think I will visit him. I like old ladies with raspy voices who wear sparkle sequin baseball caps and vegas has a plethora of said women.
time for waffles...


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