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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Friday, January 16, 2004

I knew that I should have gone out. I stole Steven's laptop and am hiding away in the nook that is my loft. Let me tell you about what escalated into a full fledged war this evening. So like I said the boys were trying to get me to laugh and I just happened to be drinking water at the time when, I know this sounds sexy but try and contain yourselves, water spewed forth from my mouth and out my nostrils all over the front of my sweatshirt. So naturally, they started laughing at me, when I asked, "now why isn't anyone in love with me?" Steven continued to laugh so I decided to take action and pour some of the contents of my water bottle into his lap. sucker. Now the thing with Steven Hall and I, this immature behavior is only natural between the two of us. I mean granted I knew that Hall would envoke his wrath on me later but Mike A just had to jump in...
Mike:" Are you really gonna take that shit?(beat, while shaking his head in disaproval) What a pussy."
Now what you have to understand about Steven Hall is that he is a quite boy, a simple lad who is not one for jumping to his feet, racing to the kichen to grab a pitcher full of water and dump it over my head. The dude has patience, I mean he will wait until I am off guard, in my pj's with my book and then BOO YA. Mike on the other hand raced to protect Steven's honor to the kitchen and before I knew it I was soaked. I awoke Andrew and Mandy Kat, who were in a peaceful slumber upstairs. I was distracted by their inquires and forgot to turn off the tap in the batheroom and so now, our house is floooded. Like a little bitch Mike ran upstairs and locked himself in his room. Andrew being the gentle pacifist refused to give me his keys to their room so I could implore my vengence on Mike in bed.
Finally, shivering in the living room got old, I took the serbs advice and changed into dry clothes but I am still freezing with wet hair, no windows and no one to keep me warm tonight.
The thing is I am alone because my schoolyard crush prefers asian girls and myself being well an amazon with platnium hair realizes that there is no future relationship.
My housemates would agree that I go for the "wrong" ones but what the hell does that mean? Sure I can't keep anyone around for more then 3 maybe 4 weeks but what am I gonna do get married now? A month that is a pretty long time right? I mean during the relationship I understand that this person is probably a waste of my time and vis versa but once you are dumped then it's like, what the hell i really thought this was going somewhere. The problem has become increasinly more common in the past year, so if I bitch, which I probably will since it is becoming evident that I am addicted to this damn thing, this blog, this internet placebo whathave you.
I can hear the drunks roll home in shopping carts outside of my window. Some dude is screaming at some girl in an ape like manner, while she giggles, "oh my god you are so drunk."--I gotta get outta here. I really want to move to Italy and visit the towns in which Fellini shot his masterpieces. I wanna watch La Dolce Vita right now, Macello Mastroiaani's sweat voice caressing me into slumber, but I left the tape at home. Speaking of sleep, an activity I rarely prescibe to, I read something today by someone who I prematurely judged as a halfwit, I know I am an asshole but at least I admit it, I was shocked, a piece of work that was actually really good. My typical tendency to doodle during class, which by the way helps me listen, was abrutly halted. However now I am worried that the writing was so good that I will be disappointed by their future pieces but at least i will look forward to the class. ok now I am really going to do my homework, that is after I return Steven Hall's computer and perhaps converse with Andrew for a bit. I can hear his laughter and am curious if he is talking to anyone or reading his book.


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