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Thursday, January 22, 2004

My radio drowns out the growl of the coffee drip..."think of me when you are coming down, la la la..."
I feel like I have neglected this thing, sure I have written more then my fair share, but still it has become nearly impossible to blog from home. Mike A, who deliberately put his computer into the living room, assuring that it was a "house" computer has recently put a password on his system after a heated dish debate. My attempts to crack his code have proved futile. Regretfully, Steven Hall's pirated connection is never reliable, so now I am writing blogs out on note cards to be typed in at a later time. This is just pathetic, I mean i don't even have dial up!

Anyway it is far too early (9:00 am) and I am far too sleep deprived(went to bed at a quarter of 4) to be complaing. I love this radio station. At first I was torn, how could some wanna be indie broadcast replace my beloved 24 hour party network? But the new 103.1 is amazing, If I ever run into a few thou, whether from whacking someone or winning the lottery, I wanna donate it to the DJ's who actually play GOOD music. See unlike most kids attending this school I drive a jalopy. The windows won't roll up, my windshield whippers wont wipe, I'm missing my front licence plate, the tail light is out,the seat warmers are busted, the paint is chipping, the air conditioner refuses to turn off unless the heater is on, the CD player extender won't function because my tape player keeps eating tapes but at least it passed smog check. It just dawned on me that some of my closest friends either don't drive or their shits just as bad as mine...interesting. Ok back to radio, I love sounds and music, sure I don't know who the artisit is half the time, but when your trapped in a car, there is nothing more wonderful then a good DJ. 103.1 is amazing, they play songs not just singles. I mean seriously here folks, what other fm goes from the B-52's to Queens of the Stone Age to the Smiths to Bright eyes, then Tears for Fears to The Faint...I am so in love, I wish I could just sit in my loft all day listening to the Radio.
I just noticed that my coffee is slowly leaking onto my desk, apparently I made the mistake of selecting the mug with a crack in its face. Damnit, thank g-d Mamey(joanna) bough papertowels. But ya know what is funny, I've cursed this cup probably 50 times but I always clean it up good and proper and stick it back on the shelf, why don't I just throw it away? Because it is an accident waiting to happen:)
I think I will go to school dressed as a stripping Ballerina today.


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