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Friday, January 23, 2004

So I have safetly ascended to Los ANGELS from the Gothic underworld. Last night I went to stay with Keri and her beau Jeff. I don't know if I have mentioned them on this yet. Keri is my other true friend, a miniture gothic beaut. My mother aka Martha Stewart loves Keri but detests the fact that everytime I hang out with(which is pretty frequent) my hair changes colors. He he he, Currently it is Cookie Monster Blue, Hag Grey, My little pony blue, Snowbunny White and Joan Jett Black. Do you like the names I made up? I have one qualm with my new do' is the grey, I don't want grey and Keri being the little punk she is put it in on purpose to piss me off. But that is what I like about her, the little fucker continues to push my buttons. A friend that can get you into more trouble and remain unarrested is vital. Like for instances, she kidnapped me the weekend before finals last spring term to go to Vegas. I said, "are you nuts, I can't go to Vegas, I have to study!!!" She retorted, "Whatever Freund, I"M GETTING MARRIED, and you are gonna be my bridesmaid" WHAAT, like I said she is nuts and currently unmarried.

Ok so Mr. Payne just called me away from my blog. We talked extensivly and now I am a hyper active hypo doing kartwheels around the living room, shaking my tail feather, kicking up carpet.

I am having fun with my blog, contrary to my alleged peers, I like this forum, its bloody Brillant, oh man the Clash is making my blood shake. I just want to spasm shooting spray from my mouth. oh man.
Ok usually, I play the part of the half wit, I like to let a lot of opinions slide. I mean if everybody has differing thoughts then the classroom environment becomes heated and exciting. I don't want to control what people think(lies) but there were a few things that really fricken bothered me. I am such a rat.

To:The gutless yellow bellie cowards!
I am so frustrated by students who bitch and whine. I just want to fucking shake them, they don't even realize how lucky they are to be going to this school. They sit and whine, oh I don't wanna blog, I don't wanna journal, it doesn't help my process, this is a waste of time. well by that rational, all life is a waste of time. Half of my friends would kill to be in your shoes instead of selling their bodies, or pawning their lives away on ebay. It just makes me sick. I thought we were in college, a safe home for independent thought and creativity. Ok so fine I sound like a frigging hippie, I challenge you to a duel a knife fight, I will show you the meaning of waste because I will waste you.
Second, I overheard the most ridiculous comment that needs to be addressed. I know that Vicki Forman will be reading this and probably it is a "waste" of her time. I'm not a suck up, kiss ass, teacher's pet but I must comment, I know that she has to read this and "grade" it but the blog is for you, she gave us the freedom to write what we like. Sure I digress often, I am sure she doesn't care about housemates or hair jobs but why on earth would a student say, "I am afraid of her reading my blog, I mean she is a teacher." Newsflash(I can't believe I just wrote newsflash!) who cares if she is a teacher, I doubt that she is gonna rat you out. As an advocator of the Peter Pan syndrome I feel like a hypocrite but come on, GROW UP!
fuckin retards


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