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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Steven: "Wait are those fake?"
Kate: "Yeah, I'm a class act huh?"
-Regarding the ornamental flowers in Kate's hair.
Walked into the living room, Steven got into my nail polish again...ha ha his nails are wet and he has to pee.
Back in the hole of the couch. Steven is to my right and Mike A, not V is in the red velvet chair. He just hit Steven for coughing. Earlier I hit Steven with a dirty look for complaining about the color of his nails since it is my polish.
I can hear The Queers, "I didn't puke" from under my door.
Mike started sining you are so beautiful to Steven.
Mandy Kat promised me a strawberry shake tonight but Andrew reminded her that I am lactose intolerate, damn him. My new nick name has become Lactoid the Bloggy..great.
Steven is pulling on one of the many zippers on my bondage pants, i told him that I would stab him, he said well then i might as well keep pulling. I started typing and he quit it. He has sunk into the other hole in the couch.
Mike just hit Steven again and said you have to live a little, Steven responded with ok, I got nothing. They are talking about a yellow guitar that Steven started biding on via ebay.
Mike is attempting to convince Steven to go and see Big Fish, but my mexican ain't got no car and has spent his last paycheck on Ramon and cigs.
The two are now singing along to married with children.
Mike has sunk lower into the red velvet chair. His rocking back and forth is disturbing my sake stomach.ewww I feel sick. This place is a disgrace. Nicola the Serb who lives upstairs is listening to Jack Johnson again. This married with children sucks.
Mike: "Wahat are they establishing some fucking motif or something? What the fuck?"
I think he just threw something.
I want oreos, Steven just lit another cig while mike has started coughing.
Mike: "You fucking pedophile"
Steven: "fuck you-"
Mike: "your fucking disgusting"
They realized that I was copying their conversation and now they are trying to gross me out...damn boys I'm not even going to write about them raping little boys with tight asses, and watermelon.
The ash tray almost spilt over into the couch.


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