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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Writing Process according to Katie Mc Kate
I have never considered myself a writer. The only reason I am in this major is because I was desperate to get out of Irvine and my USC acceptence letter came from the English deparment rather then the film school. I was suddenly given the title "creative writer" even though I failed miserably in all of my previous English classes and I was illiterate til the ripe age of nine. So how does one become a writer? I discovered that one way to come up with characters is by drawing. I sit and doodle and eventually come up with some silly creation and then write a story about it. Sometimes I write out all of my physical characteristics and then try and think of all the opposite physicalities to create a character. I prefer to write at night/early morning from 1 til 4 while listening to the radio. The more noise the better that is why I think it is so strange that I like to create when no one else is up(except for Steven Hall)
Before I start writing I usually go to the living room, find some poor schmo and then tell the potential story. If the person laughs then I know it is a good story or maybe I am just friends with people that like to laugh. I consider myself more as an entertainer and writing stories provides me with the opportunity to paralyze people with pains of laughter. So prepare for my wrath...muahha ha


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