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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

all I CaN Do iS WaiT

I really can't stand being interested in someone-my thought is broken when Nickola the Serb enters the house soaked.

Nick: I have two words for the rain, "rain sucks". IT sucks, I don't ever carry a fucking umbrella, it's fuckin California and what the, I don't know man...
He trails off heading upstairs, his mobile rings and he begins cursing in a foriegn tongue.

Back to me, I despise crushes. Ha I sound so seventh grade, but that is because I am! I feel trapped, like I can't go anywhere or do anything. I sit the living room waiting for him to walk by and wave in at me. This morning we walked to school. I cluched his arm even though we have only being seeing eachother for a week. I like to hold on to him. He is the first "real" ubbermale I have been interested in a while. As we separated, I off to ballet and finance for him he said, "oh time for me to peel off." Dance said it was cute but I was a little annoyed. PEEL OFF! See this is why I swore off people for this semester and I couldn't even do it. I need to come to terms with the fact that I am codependent or else I will never be able to be on my own. I mean it has been nearly four months since my last fling and that is pretty good for me. Four months that is pretty long right. Ok so I have a history of jumping from one bed to the other sometimes dragging the other boy's sheet behind unaware or rather apathetic. I just like having someone. It was silly, Lyndsey, Magdalenia and I were walking home from class today and I saw my ex boyfriend who was not waving to me but to Magdalenia. AHHHH he makes me so mad, but really I don't care. Magdalenia asked how I knew him and I was like he is my ex and she couldn't believe it because she was sure he was gay. Wonderful right? Yeah so I tend to go for artsey guys with skinny legs, fine features and unique style. They usually end up all being crazy or bi sexual. Yeah I really know how to pick them. This boy seems different though (how stupid huh?) no seriously, he is a business and bio major who wears a hat and plays the drums. He has facial hair that scratches at my face and smokless white teeth. I am annoyed I want him to come back from class and hang out with me. I wanna watch a movie on his futon and not be sitting in the stench that is my home.
I am currently reading The Day of the Locust and find it really amazing. Back to the book...where is he?


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