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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Andrew drank a bottle of wine and I am the one in AA...typical.
Andres de Baequerre here, Andrew Barker's doppelganger (there's some German for you). My favorite euphemism for sex: riding the ovarian trolley. (Thank you, Kate - she just ashed my sigaretta for me) Express yourself, don't repress yourself. I didn't know we were talking about...
(S. Hall ashed onj his pants)
in my defense, i didn't realize it until i was told so. Not that that constitutes any sort of defense, but there it is anyway. Kate's cheating at darts and we're not even playing.
Andrew: Kate just said: "I was running to show off that Serbian porn, and some boys cat-called me, and it felt so good." Baby's got a secret indeed.
You took me by surprise!!!
Yeah so I learned to love myself since I am working on V-Day even though there is this way awsome show I wanna go to. Unfair but I need i solidi. Andrew bought two bottles of wine for the weekend and they are both gone. The serbs won't let me come over unless I wear my wig:(
Andrew YET again: I am neither for nor against, and I do not explain myself because I hate good sense. Kate's dancing again, and she looks kinda like an emphesemic polar bear with skates on, if you know what I'm saying (nudge, nudge). He who lives in a glass house should not kill two birds with one stone. Kate: what's Argentina given us? Other than stray dogs, I mean. What are they singing about - poverty? I hate poverty. Hello cheese - 'don't eat me,' you say? The Serbians have a red light in their bathroom. Fucking Serbs - first Bosnia, then Kosovo, now us, when will it end? Fucking savages (Andrew is then mauled by a wild pack of Serbian boars - typical).
rubber baby buggy bumpers...
no really, andrew has a point and so does kate about the zippo i'm holding in my mouth. we've now sent her on a wine procurement expedition to the upper regions of our house (aka joanna's room) where there is always wine, but joanna thought she wanted a diet coke, and now i can't hear what they're saying. i can't stop laughing and as a result things are making too much sense to write nonsense, but that doesn't make any sense..... but now we have chilled merlot!!! it's freezing. andrew was accused of drinking two bottles of wine but one of those bottles was me, not him, and now we're warming the bottle next to andrew's crotch and kate doesn't want anytihng to do with it because she is his mother.
Andrew: Vasto! How are you, you syphilitic bastard you?
Kate: Here Andrew, put this wine in your'll be French wine. A Fascism!
There's no greater power then the power of goodbye.
Ok, so we ran out of wine and the boy's sacrificed me to Joanna. I begged, I teased, I got down on my knees. (perfect) and she donated a bottle of chilled merlot...what the hell, who in their right mind chiils merlot? Not me I learned at a very early age never to mess with mommy's vodka...
Andrew: Oo menya yest kolbasa bolshaya (for you Russian-speakers out there). C'e' l'ho un cazzo grandissimo. (Kate just broke a wine bottle - che scema - M. Vasto is looking on with vague envy, saying: "is that Serbian porn? And why do we have it on our table?"
Kate: But do you see this woman's tits?
Stevie: They're bigger than your head.
Kate: They're bigger than HER. But she's drinking milk, so it does a body good. Eww, she's got milk dripping down them (her tits).
Steve-O: Maybe she's just lactating.
Oh yeah, so it goes and Hall has no comment...typical.
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