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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Converse she Will

Kate: G-D Damn.
Andrew: Kate!
Kate: Sorry Damn.
Andrew: Andrew did you just apologize to damn?
Kate: what? what did I say.
Andrew: You just apologized to damn.
Kate: I did?

Yep the above conversation solidifies the fact that I am losing my mind.
Currently I am alone in the hole(the couch). Andrew, not adorning his usual suite since he figures a sweater will better absorb the wettness that is our climate has left to pick up Mandy Kat. I forgot to mention that Steven Hall shaved off his mo hawk of three years is at the library and the rest of the kids, well damn if I know where they are. The rain, I love it don't get me wrong, but I am unable to leave the house because my windshield wippers can barely handle the slightest dribble. I am shocked that I am even recieving an internet signal because it is raining. Mike A just walked into the door.
Mike: Shit
Kate: Hey Mike
Mike: Hello
He has disappeared into the bathroom...

Earlier Andrew read me passages from Ulysses which I thought rather funny since we were discussing James Joyce himself in class today and when I returned home he was in the hole reading it.
Jane walked in wearing 5 inch patennt leather boots, tights and a tight fiting coat. Jane is Russian and between her thick accent and my bad hearing we have developed a wonderful realationship. Here is our conversation...
Kate: Where are you off to baby?
Jane:Don't know
Kate: What?
Jane: Don't know, what are you up to today
Kate: homework
Jane: Oh does Mike have Singing in the Rain, he told me he does.
Kate: what?
Jane: Singing in the Rain does Mike own it?
She shuffles through a drawer of movies.
Jane: Ooh my god he does, do you think he will mind if I watch it?
Kate: I don't know.
Jane: I will go ask him
She clops upstairs in her big boots then back down and out the door without saying goodbye. Yep those Russians. Never know what to expect

Kate: Did you just take a shower
Mike: Nope, it's just raining a lot.


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