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Friday, February 20, 2004

Damn that is hot!
Ok so last night Matt and I went to see The Dreamers. His bio buddy said that it was really great so I agreed eventhough I had no idea what it was about. Ok so let me tell you, if you you like incest, soft porn and French food you will love this movie. I still can't believe the content and some of the images used in the film. I was so entranced and embaressed at the same time. I mean here I am in a dark theater with a strange boy in flannel watching some actor masturbate. I could feel my face turn bright red at moments and I just kept looking at Matt who giggled and shrugged his shoulders. Yeah so I did have a good time. It wasn't a date, he didn't pay, but insisted on paying for parking since I drove. On the way to the parking structure we walked side by side and turning down the alley I saw a man stumble and almost slip. Two more men slidded toward us and I instinctivly grabbed at Matt's arm. On of the men's legs flew out from under him and he landed on his back. Some idiot had empted what appeared to be cooking grease all over the alley way. Matt slide and I sturdied him. No grease stain is going to ride in my beautiful car. yeah I drive a volvo with a broken window, mirror, windshield wipers and tail light. Safety is very important to me. I really should get that stuff fixed.

We got back to the house and he was tired. I think he just got too excited from the movie and too nervous to come into my house. Ha ha I am so cruel. It was a really fun eventhough I talk to much. Either I am speech impaired or I cannot shut up. I kept saying in my head, let the boy talk woman, let the boy talk.
I did find out that his father owns a plumbing company and his mother is a nurse. They met when his father was working as a mechanic and she brought her car into get fixed. I thought it was a very sweet story unlike my parent's affair. Kate how did your parents meet? "oh well that is easy my father slept with his good friend's wife and she got knocked up with me. Yeah I guess I have always been a homewrecker." One thing that I have accepted in my life is that if something wants to be wrecked it will.


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