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Monday, February 02, 2004

Famous quotes of the Night

kate: Are these famous?
andrewski: I think they are pretty famous

I have baguette all over me...Dammit it is in my pants-kachonie
I bought nail polish last night, finally we have nypd blue-steven "frosty" hall
What the hell is blogger-make ass
Yeah frosty-drewski
Um man in top hat seeks plain looking woman for mutual long term robotic hang gliding.-andrea
You look like a cray scientist-mandy kat
Mandy quack-kitty kate
now were all quacking on quack-katia
It smells bad-me
Gee I wonder why-Hall
Can anything be said in this living room without being on the blog?-ass.hall
Are we just living for the blog, working for the blog...I work hard for the blog-drewder
we are such blog slaves, blog sluts, blog whores-steven e andrew
sluggin for the bloggin-a.b again
I wish i could type faster-da kate


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