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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Fell Under the Weight of a School Yard Crush

Listening to Bright Eyes...Hence the title.
Yeah I am pretty happy, yesterday I burned Matt a Cd with the help of my little friend Dance Dance Revolution 2006.
Andrew and Steven Hall are hell bent on moving to Thailand. I can't believe this. It makes perfect sense we could all move there and live in the provided teachers lounge and teach English in Thailand. You have to sign away your life for one year and honestly a part of me is really tempted. But it is Thailand. What the hell is in Thailand. I like the food but I hate cats and according to Andrew there are more Cats then People in Thailand. Crazy huh?
After my exam, I pretty much did nothing. I feel like I am in a rut bogged down by too much work but I go out far to often to ever catch up. Still haven't written that Death paper but last night I went to the most amazing place with Camillo and Caroline who were both on their cell phones when I got into the car. Camillo's conversation ended before Caro's and he lit up a cigarette and then told me that she was talking to her other boyfriend. I saw Caroline roll her eyes in the mirror. It is amazing the two fight back and forth like crazy. While we waited for the others to join our patent leather booth the two argued about ass hair. Why are they talking about this and better question how come I am writing about this? I think I am in awe over their total lack of filter. We drank beers and listened to blues and jazz. This woman named Mickey who was at least seventy sang over a band without the use of a microphone. She was incredible she walked through the audience gyrating her hips grabbing dollar bills from patrons. Her song went like this, "I got one leg in the east, one in the west and Ol' Mickey I am in the middle trying to do my best."
Outside a man with milky white eyes and dreads called me an angel. He looked me right in the eyes and said that my haircut was my halo. He called me little sister as he prophesies that I need not ever hope. He told me that hoping was not the answer that I just needed to do. He looked at me and his eyes watered as he delivered a message. My stomach hurt. I wanted to go home. I wasn't ready for the truth. I came home and called Matt. He was more or less asleep but he assured me that he had just moved to the couch. He is so funny he doesn't sleep in his own bed but on this futon of horror. It is really weird he lives in the apartment that my friends used to live in. We were once all inseparable and now I hardly see those boys, but I still see the futon that will continue to live in that apartment. Strange. I wanted to share my experience with Matt but once I went over there I was too tired for talking. I fell asleep on his chest while CNN talked on in the background. I woke up choked with thirst and disoriented. For a moment I had no idea where I was or whose arm was wrapped around me but I still felt safe. Here is a poem:
I was really proud of myself
this morning
He told me
a girl
was coming
to visit.
I am proud
Jealousy didn't lynch me
nor did I strangle him or
belittle my fellow female
No I told him
Why am I proud?
Because I meant it
realizing I have no
thing to worry about.

I am starving, going home to make an egg


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