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Friday, February 06, 2004

Good morning.
Last night I slept in two pairs of pajama pants, leg warmers, socks, a tank top, a t-shirt, a long sleeved thermal and a sweater. Ok so that means that Kate probably sleeps on the ground with a single blanket right? No I have a bed people! And I sleep under a sheet, an electric blanket, a really thick blancky and a massive down comforter so then why the hell am I always freezing when I go to bed and when I wake? Maybe I have poor circulation, because I just feel crazy sleeping with this pleathora of excess in California.

I apologize for the lack of luster in this blog. I am tired and cold and I have to turn in a paper by 4:30. I am trying to warm up my brain with the blog, but, I have a sinking suspition that it is not working.
How can I possibly type at a time like this? I went to the studio last night and clancked away at the kit. When I drove Greg and I back last night my arms resembled jelly fish tenticles.
Greg works for a documentary company for VH-1 and he asked me to be in this weekend's shoot, "Totally Gay 2". I don't want to be on this, I knew I should not have cut out my braids...great.


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