La lingua de Katia

La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Keeping with the theme of incompleteness, I read the Art of Memoir and I didn't like it nor did I feel like the story came full circle. I was surpised by the reactions to Cabaza and who our class is amazing at finding the literary flaws in the narrative and I am really trying to be more critical now. I interpretted that Blew's life was life quilt of experiences and that her writing is reflective of this. She takes scraps from her sensationalized past and interweaves them into something new. Bravo. I could careless. Maybe I am heartless for not sympathizing with her father's death and husband's disease. I just didn't care and I felt almost bored reading her telling story. That is terrible to admit I know but honestly there is too much summary. Maybe I am an idiot and am not familiar with this author's work but why should I care about the students who, "often ask, what can you decently write about other people? Whose permission do you have to ask?" And I am thinking in my head, "Who cares?" That is my question for the week.


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