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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Late Response to Finlay's Novella:
First I want a title.
I felt that she was trying to be too cool with her snappy narrative. I liked the fact that she wanted to create a flawed woman but I feel that she was glamorized. Finlay packages her as a woman not concerned with her looks (because that would indicate shallow behavior) yet the narrator does ndot fail to mention that she was pretty and with piercing eyes. Noel crititizes her friends and fellow women for their shameless efforts to snag a man yet she is seduced by the end of the segment. The narration sets sit up that the only ones in this city who date are the insane and desperate and I feel that this challenges the credibility of the characters. I mean obviously they want and are going to see each other again so does this mean that they are insane?. It would be a lot more interesting if the character was less bitter and more infatuated with her art. Ironically the art is never really mentioned. I must remind myself that this a longer work in progress but I was curious to know what this woman was taking pictures of since it is a subtle way to reveal who she is. Instead of consentrating so much energy on the "hipters" the "increasingly hip crowd" the "hip side of Los Feliz" articulate what the character finds interesting or "hip". Why doesn't she describe Rob or how he treats Noel. I felt that there were so many characters but all the relationships were obvious stereotypes. That leads me to the boob assesment. Every time a female was put down it was because she was dumb and with implants. There are a lot of smart woman out their with plastc surgery, a lot of woman who will be reading this if it becomes a novel and you are flat out insulting them. Judging by the narrative which is hard to separte from the author's point of view sometimes it seems that one might be inclined to think, "well that kind of girl wouldn't read my book because she is stupid." Honestly, I hate criticizing and I know I am being a little harsh but I am trying to give a genuine critique. I am not being over sensative when saying that I was offended by this stereotype and I don't even have implants. Maybe this device would work in a film, there could be several shots of buxom blonde babes but it is hard to communicate through the page. And why is the narrator attacking the starving drummer twice! "Grocery shoppers do not ask (to) borrow your money and are rarely the drummer for a defunct West Hollywood rock band...Plasticene women with adding machine hearts and deep-freeze libidos are little more than money-mooching drummers or cardboard cutouts with breasts." Noel is an artist and I am sure she is no Cindy Sherman so I am guessing that she is struggling financially as well so why would the narrator make a point of criticizing broke artists and equating them with losers. By this rational Noel is a loser, but wait no she can't be because she moved to L.A therefore her blood is not tainted and fakeness she does not ooze from her pores.
The premise is that the only ones who date in L.A are desperate or insane yet her two characters who are applauded for their strenght and are representations of "real" vrs phony people prescribe to the crazy dating scene.


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