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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Late Response to LOVE LETTERS
This was pretty funny but Michael Nowinzcik was such an idiot. Why on earth would he mention his testicles in the first letter, or that Cindy had slept with the entire football team, etc. I mean he was so pathetic and Tim communicated his desperation excedingly well for creating this story in a week. Creating a narrative through a series of letters was very clever and I enjoyed reading the responses. However I didn't understand why the narrator had the letters to begin with and who was the voice on the telephone. Also the narrator has a silly tone as well "I would discover, when I went outside, that it was quite chilly. It was, in fact, well bellow the freezing point of mercury. Now that's cold..." I think that if Tim made Mike's and the narrator voice completely different, maybe make the narrator a woman then there would be a nice contrast. It was a little disconcerting that the piece did not end with the narrator's perspective/ his (her) reaction. I wanted to know more about Mike, for instance his age, physical appearence, occupation and family life. Obviously he is a loney man looking for love but maybe he is just in a really unsatisfying relationship. At this point I really don't know why he is writing these desperate attempts. Some of the responses seemed a little unbelievable as well. I didn't buy that Sally would comment on how "irresistable" she was and that she would send this potential psycho a family portrait. Also that Dr. Stirnbaum would tell Mr. Nowinzcik to "get a grip, and go see a shrink." I felt that Carl Cooper's letter contradicts the series of letters because she/he responded to him kindly, "you were the only guy in school that was ever really nice to me." I liked the fact that this was someone who remembered him but now I begin to wonder if he was such a sweet guy in high school, what went wrong? This piece is really a mystery and needs further developement.


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