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Sunday, February 29, 2004

The LiBrary is A Zoo & I'm a HiPPo!

I can't remeber the last time I blogged nor can i remember anything since Wednesday night. But I am going to attempt to put the pieces of my existence back together.
Wednesday- Started Orange county got fed up, watched the Truman Show. I think I made matt and I dinner, not sure though of the day. He is really fun to cook with.

Thursday- After Robbie took photos of me at the fountain, I was overwhelmed by the debate. ran into Mike. Sat in his lap while we watched the young and old scream their enthusiams. strange circus. Claire, has blue hair now. I met her in the begining of the semester when she had pink hair. She and i left Mike and I invited her over for tea. At home we ran into Dance Dance and then Steven walked in. We had a very elegant tea party and listened to a CD I found in a cereal box. "Rythme and Boo's--By Count Chocula" Claire left, then Dance and I can't remember the rest of the evening. It has come back to me! I went to Jordan's and Josh's and watched Naked Lunch. The film was incredible. i can't believe I have never seen it before.

Friday was a also a blur- I went to the Doctor, my results come back Tuesday I believe. I am kinda scared but I was really proud of myself ffor not fainting when Juanita the blood nurse took three precious viles of my essence. After I went and bought yarn because I promised to make Keri's gothic boyfriend a scraf for his 35th birthday. I haven't treated myself to lunch in a very long time. i usually treat other people but I wanted to take myself out on a lunch date. I sat at the counter eating Crispy honey chicken and reading my book. It was great fun.
I met up with Dance Dance we started watching Say Anything but matt called me and I ran down to his apartment...i am such a sucker. Dance locked me out when I returned 45 minutes later. hey we were just Dancing I told her! But she just giggled because I had missed the majority of the movie. Oh well what can you do? We started Willow next while we worked on our scarfs. I love Dancey so much. We talked about what a great mom she is going to become one day and I hope I know her when she is old and wrinkley...I love the fact that we get together and knit. what old women are we:0
Friday night I was such a groupy. I went to see Matt's band, Free for All play at this seedy dive bar. Hall is such my homeboy I love it. He got these fake clip on earings at the laundry mat and they suit him cool. Anyway Hall, Cindy and I started out for Johnny Foxx's and my car died. Mid run it just shut off, so I started it again and poof it shut off again, then again and again. MY CAR, MY PRECIOUS RAQUELL IS DEAD!!! So Cindy drove the gang and when we got there Alex Jester was drunk as hell. He kept leaning on me and wrapping his arms around my waist. Dammit Alex, I kept seeing Matt eye me and I felt bad. I really like him. he has a nice scent. He plays with his eyes closed. Cindy andI danced like maniacs, mostly to avoid Jester's advances. We went to the band's afterparty which mostly consisted of Steven Hall, myself, and Stacey( matt's friend who is visiting from out of town) and the band: Brian, Vic, Anthony and Matt. Brian kept poking me Vic was yelling something while Anthony head banged till no tomorrow. Matt drank gold alcohol while we all sacrificed our souls to the tecquilla underworld. I am trying to stop drinking, who am I kidding no I am not.

For those of you who don't know, I love hockey. I friggin' love it. My daddy, the best daddy in the world got 9th row tickets and I nearly lost my mind. When we were young we used to go to games all the time. Sophie Me Mom and Dad. So much excitment, I can barely contain it. i even got a free puck to add to the collection. I think my favorite current play besides Luke, G-D of the L.A is Avery. This guy is so small but he makes up for it with spite and fight.
After the game Daddy dropped me off. I needed sleep but i had to finish the scarf because we were going to go see The Last Dance play at Bar Sinister. TLD's lead singer is Keri's boyfriend and I wanted to give him the scarf. they were amazing as always. Andrew wore my oversized tan lion coat, a shirt that read, "spin my Dreidal and a pair of copper's glasses, Hall was in a black suite and black tie as well as a pair of clip on earinings, Myself I wore a micro mini, two different pair of tights a fake fur coat and a skull T- Shirt(i know hot) Mandy had a radio and a tiarra and Mary well Mary was drunk. We all drank gin before leaving the car which was not the smartest notion since I have a headache today but what can you do?

Finally we are at Sunday!!!
the library is packed, this guy came over to talk to this girl and they wouldn't shut up for the majority of the blog. He finally left so hopefully this blog will begin to make more sense. I actually got a full night's sleep last night! Can you believe it? I woke up this morning and made ANDrew and I breakfast; french toast, bannas, mangos and eggies. Andrew made the coffee and diced the nanners while I showed off by flipping the food up into the air. Unfortunatly we lost some of the egg, but what can you do?
Now Steven, Andrew and I are in the library, actually I don't know if they are still here indeed because I have been on the computer for what seems like an eternity. bloggy bloggy. Well it's not like I can do real work right?
Tonight Sophie and I are going to the Osbourne Oscar After party and I have no idea what to wear. Hopefully Steven with dress me.

There that is it blog, that is all you get... I am done, I need to read and it is already almost 4!


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