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Monday, February 09, 2004

Listening to Tom Waitts
Still haven't finished my Death paper and I just don't think it is gonna happen. Andrew is reading to Steven and I. Now we three giggle as Andrew apologizes for his little literary outburst. I am looking forward to my ballet class however I am not looking forward to prancing around at 8 am. Who ever signs up for ballet at 8 in the MORNING. I must be crazy. I got another haircut, surely in part do to the fact that I have so much work to complete. I must be an idiot. I wrote 12 pages for American Lit and turned in my paper friday. I wrote like 5 different poems this weekend and am half way done with my Death paper, ok that is a lie. I am not even close. It's not that I don't want to do it but everytime I begin reading, "How we Die" by Nuland I get too upset thinking about my parents to continue reading.
My mom has one wish, that I graduate from college with normal hair. As of today I have a mohawk. I have a sinking suspision that it is not going to go over too well. Ya know what is funny is that most people would think that I am trying to rebel against my parents with my outragous hair but the truth is I love my parents and the only reason why I am constantly fucking around with my do is because I am bored. I will lock myself in my room for several hours and emerge with different hair. Caitlyn my non existant housemate saw my new hair and just laughed, she was like well you have exhausted all possibilities of how to change it since it is so short. The I brought up the fact that I could always dye it. But then I remembered my promise, I am not even suppose to be cutting my hair or else it will never achieve "normal" status. But it feels so soft, like a little baby when it is so short.
Ok I got to get to bed, so I can wake up and prance around like a retard and wheeze from bad lungs.
I don't want to go to bed. I am not tired. I hate sleeping. I always feel terrible the next day when I wake up.
Tonight I invented the tortilla fritto burrito. Steven Hall calls it the FRITILLA. Long live malnutrition!!!
We came up with a new nick name for me tonight. Dr. Crazy. or formally Dr. Crazy Science.


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