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Sunday, February 22, 2004

No One Ever Suspects the Moron(revised)

Where to begin the rant? Upon consulting Dance Dance Revolution 2006, She taught me that Venom is not the answer.(simplified)
I'd like to sincerely respond to my critical readers. IF I wrote my story about a working class white family there would be no problem. If I was a black girl or a latina you would have kept your mouth shut. But I am a white girl. And white girls, we can only write stories about white folks or stories about black folks who undergo some injustice and emerge triumphant. Did you ever think that this was story about one family? I don't think that all southerns talk that way, neither do I think that people from the back east, the west or European countries all speak the same. The real question is who you saw speaking these lines in your head?
What would would fit me better? What do you want me to write about drugs? Do drugs interest you. Look at me, take a hard look at me and tell me what you think I should write about. Love? Romance? Heartbreak? Bad relationships? I am sorry if I don't belong to your elite. That I don't play it safe and write what I know. That I radiate stories of unconventional happiness. That I don't make one of the central characters obviously myself. Did that piss you off. That I took a risk while you wrote yourself. I think it is funny. We could make an experiment out of it. We could take an outsider, someone not in the class, bring them into our room where they would find all of the stories so far on the ground without names and I would bet top dollar that that person would be able to match the author to the person just by reading the story. IS this what we are suppose to achieve with our writings? Please tell me. Does this gain one praise? Yeah I know myself, I can write myself wonderfully but why would I want to share myself? Don't smirk I have nothing to hid. I am not bound to the page, and one day I will be successful in ripping myself away from the it completely.


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