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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

A now a brief moment from the Ellendale house theater
Joanna who is now screaming from the upstairs walked well rather slumped into the household earlier this evening. Her face a mess and hair frizzed from the rain, she stops just shy of the living room. Vasto is in command of the red chair but he is no longer recognizable to his flatmates because of a recent haircut and long overdue shave. Andrew and Kate oblivious to Vasto, share a moment and a dinner consisting of freeze dried waffles, Lays barbeque chips (donated by Sophie's mom) while washing it down with stolen tea leaves. Joanna eager for attention, wails while clenching her tummy-
Joanna: My uterus hurts.
Andrew: (yelling) No! my uterus!
Kate: Uterus? Oh right I took mine out. It is His now, he calls it Terectomy, yes it is His Terectomy.
Andrew: Ha ha ha ha hah ah hahah hahah hah ahah hah ha hah ah
Joanna: muha ha ha muha ha humua
Vasto:What, what did she say. I don't get.
Andrew: Ha ha hah ha aha hah hd ha

Joanna whipes a tear from her eye and ascends upstairs, while Andrew and Kate lick their plates and Vasto scratchs his newly shaved head.

Hours pass and Andrew leaves to pick up Mandy Kat. Kate is forced against her will to venture out of the hole in the couch and meet her Tyler, who constantly bickers with her , that challenges her and her patience until she gets so goofy she looses her ability to formulate sentences. She returns home annoyed with only to find Mike A and Tamar screaming, well Tamar was not really screaming but rather slurping on her salad.
Tamar: (sluuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrp)

Well Tamar disappeared, I wonder why, and Caitlyn took her place chatting it up with Mike A.
The rest of the events are rather borish.
Steven Hall is sitting in the other hole in the couch as Kate feverishly pecks away at his computer occasionally consulting Stevn Hall for spelling advice. Regretfully Steven's spelling ability is not what it used to be back in 96 when he was the allstate region Queen of the Spelling Bee. The title Queen of the Bee emotionally scarred Steven Hall and left him an emotional cripple who now takes solace in sporting a tandem mohawk, one patch is a greenish blue while the other resembles a faded red of a converse sneaker. Yes this house is so joyful, it's like christmas every friggin day of the year, just look at Hall's hair!


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