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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Oh the good ol radio.
So I have kinda screwed myself, the character I created for workshop belongs to another world and I don't really know where to take her.
I am so tired, I can't take it. I really should go to bed but I want to get this paper done. I am totally fucked for that death class. I never did the paper, what a shocker huh? I find it funny that I ended up in college. I don't think that education is for everyone. My dad and mom had a bet over how many months I would last in school and I did pretty well. My father made the mistake of promising that if I got accepted into another school I could transfer when my acceptance letter arrived from USC i was like Oh daddddy.
Ok so the main thing that I am struggling with right now is debating how intelligent to make this characters. I feel that if I portray them as well working middle class I will be judged since it is an African American family. As a writer I am automatically given a voice and an opportunity to reshapen common misconceptions. I feel that if I centralize on the unintelligent rather then portraying people in a positive manner I am just perpetuating the myth. I don't know I am delirious.
I started checking in on other classmates blogs. I was curious and the internet seems to be steady for the moment. I like nielsen's blog. It strikes me as funny and interesting because he is so formal with his writing. And he posts pretty frequently. I was really amused when Megan Hoover commented on my blog because she knew several of the key players displayed on my page. Speaking of players Mandy Kat got the most beautiful brilliant pair of rollar skates from the goodwill today. She was waiting for andrewski to get off work and just walked in to find her skates, that fit her perfectly. Only Mandy Kat could be that lucky.
Now we just need to fix Dance's broken skate and the gang will be reunited.
I hate my hair. I think I might just wear a wig for the rest of the week.
I am upset about Mandy Kat, she used to go to USC but her aid was suspended even though she is an amazing mind. I mean the girl is fantastic she is obsessed with cats, need I say more. I am so happy for Andrew and miss Mandy Kat. Tonight I had dinner with the serbs. Nikki and Bozidar bought me pizza and a huge diet coke. I was wired when I returned home and ranted on about my skateboarding childhood through the hills of Topanga Canyon. Also how my brother and I used to belay out of a three story window when my mother left us with a sitter. I puked on a babysitter once. It was her fault she gave me ice cream and I started jumping around when she put on one of my favorite tapes, "little shop of horrors" I was so hyper and then I was like blahhhhh. She was not amused. I thought it was hilarious but started crying anyway. I miss my little brother so much. I told him I want to live together and he just laughed, what a little asshole. He wrote a suicide note once and in it he said, "katie it will be alright." Do i really worry that much? It was funny I wrote out a will once(well several times) I want my toes to be cut off and mailed to different people who I loved through out my life.
These were my list of toesies from freshman year of college:
Parents, Matt(my lil bro), Sophie(my other half), Jaime(my sis), Keri(bellagothica), Leonardo Dantonni(my savior), Howard Leight(best friend from 8th grade), Reese (the boy i lost my virginity to), Nick D(long story) and the last one it goes with me. Weird huh?


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