La lingua de Katia

La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So last night I painted my face with mascara and became very hermit like in my room. I think I worried Andrew and after he dropped Mandy Kat off, he knocked on my door. I was drunk in my loft and he started strumming his guitar, luring me from my cave.
Katia, "Hey bambino!:
Andrea: "Katcha it's time to get out of bed, come and have a sigaretta con me."
I stumbled down the little wooden ladder.
Katia: "I was reading"
Andrea: "Oh"
I grabbed the nearly empty vodka bottle and he helped me into the living room.
Andrea: So Katcha, what is the plan tonight.?
Katia: I don't know.
Andrea: You painted your face.
Katia: Yeah I guess.
Andrea: we go for a walk no? Wash your face we walk.
And with that Andrew appeased all of my venom.
We walked down 29th street and decided we should go for an adventure. So we headed towards Amoeba and when we got there I had sobered up a little. We couldn't find the CD we needed to listen to so we bought The People Vrs Larry Flint. I don't know what possesed me to buy this movie. Andrew kept saying it is your money Katcha. But i didn't care it was only 4.95. A must buy. When we returned home we polished off a bottle of Bacardi 151 and a half a bottle of wine. We probably would of attacked the Jack but you just can't drink Jack without Steven. I saw our neighbor Matt walk by our window and I chased him down.
Kate:Hey you wanna watch the rest of a movie?
ANd to my surprise he agreed. After the film ended Andrew headed to the library and Steven watched over me like a father. Matt went to leave and I waled him out. I didn't want to go to bed yet and we ended up talking, and then I lured him into my room by showing him my cartoon. We just stood in my messy room and talked for two and a half hours. About nothing at all. We exchanged numbers and he promised to take me to the studio. Ok fine, I have a little thing for him but it is only because he is a drummer and I find it fascinating that he is going to run the L.A marathon. I am pissed at Joanna because I was hesitant to talk to him because she told me he was a complete stoner which I found out to be not true. He is just really quiet. It's funny because Joanna thought a complete drug addict when she first moved in. She was like who the hell is this psycho living down stairs. Ok so maybe I had a little problem. But I have completely sobered up, I don't even smoke pot anymore. I do regret getting into drugs. It is one of my biggest regrets. Ok back to the postitive. I think I might invite Matt roller skating on Friday night to World on Wheels. It is the coolest place to go. There is a bar upstairs and a bowlinag alley and the most diverse crowd since it is in Crenshaw, Venice area. I don't think he likes me though. I hate my hair right now, how could anyone be attracted to the girlhawk. I just keep rubbing my scalp in an attempt to stimulate follicle growth...


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