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La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Thursday, February 19, 2004

So a lot has happened in the past 24 hours. I don't where to begin, I am hungover. I went out with three Serbian lifters last night to a club opening. Fun Fun I scored more numbers then these golden gods. It was really great since Bozzidar hs been buggin me about my hair. He watched in awe as every fine little filly marched up to me and petted my hair. By the end of the night he made a new rule. KATCHA, YOU ARE NEVER GETTING RID OF THAT MOHAWK!!!
One the same note, I was asked out by a girl in my english class today, yeah I guess Spring fever is really in the air. I told Steven and Mike A what happened and they just laughed.

On another note, I ran into Matt(the drummer) on my way home. He had a grueling day of job interviews and was going to work off his "rage". I was swinging a golf club at the time while wearing some crazy outfit and I had to explain that I was in a mini photoshoot for a friend. It is weird posing for pictures. I don't know, I hate admitting that I modeled for years. I just didn't have a very good experience and then when I kicked my little habits, I gained my current weight(a whopping 125) the agency freaked out and told me if I wanted to do this I had to go back to 115 max. The thing is I thought I looked really ugly when I was really skinny. I get nervous exercising because I just can't keep weight on.
Anyway, Matt is very kind or so it seems, I don't know him very well but I know that he has two younger sisters. Side note, I think men with sisters are better to their partners. Oh well we are going to see a movie maybe when he gets back from his run. We seriously stood in the walkway for 15 minutes figuring out how long before we could meet up later. Well if I am going to work out till 5:15 and then drive to the beach to run 8 miles, probably will take me and hour and a bit then drive back to USC, ok I will see you at 8. Yeah he is pretty hansome. Brown eyes, brown hair that is always under a hat and a permanent 5 o'clock shadow. I sound like such a dork, but that is because I am. I am nervous that we are gonna hang out this weekend to much since we already made plans to roller skate together tomorrow. What am I doing? He is a business and bio major who wears a ton of USC garb. My last boys have been so artsey and maybe I just want a manly guy.
Dance was very very extremely sweet yesterday, I listened as I confessed my new inkling. Poor girl. No she just held me and we talked about her future wedding. I can't believe it, she has been with her boyfriend this entire year and he lives in Hawaii and I can't even keep a boy for longer then three weeks. It always ends before three weeks. So Dance began missing her boyfriend and I well whatever we took an adventure to Hustler and bought new panties. I even treated myself to a new pair of tights. Gosh why do I love such trashy stuff?


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