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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Ten Blocks for my Blog:
1. Technical problems, i.e the computer will not turn on, the printer refuses to print or the amount of electrical potential energy is too great to run the system and the power in my room goes out.
Solution: Write out everything by hand and type it at the library.
2. Too lazy, cold or scared to leave the house at night to get to the library.
Solution: Use a friend's computer or call a cruiser.
3. Easily distracted by rollerskating or playing the drums.
Solution: Designate a time for rolling around like a nimrod. The drum kit was recently confiscated so that is no longer a problem.
4. Too social. For instance tonight there is a movie party in Topanga, Friday day is Sophie's and my weekly adventure. Friday night 8 1/2 is playing and we are all gonna go see it then after there is a party that my roommate is throwing. Saturday night there is a going away party for a friend moving to Canada and Sunday I wanted to go hang out my sister and see a show because I have neglected her recently.
Solution: Become a hermit?
5. My homework priority interfers with my creative writing. I feel guilty about working on a piece that is not for school.
Solution: I need to realize that the they are two different types of writing.
6. I am insecure about my spelling.
Solution: Use the dictionary more frequently.
7. Caffine. Sometimes I drink so much tea or coffee that I get far to hyper to sit still and write.
Solution: Cut back on caffine.
8. Playing dress up (as Steven Hall calls it "the human Barbie doll" phenomenon). I will be working and I will get an idea for some wacko outfit and then I will just have to play with makeup and material. This could explain why my hair is different for every class.
Solution: channel creativity towards work.
9. The Simpsons
Solution: No, I refuse to give up this vice.
10. Dating issues.
Solution: Yeah, I don't even know how to tackle this one. I have sort of made a vow to not date anyone this semester. So far it is smooth sailing and I have not been tempted yet(well maybe just a little but NO be strong!!!)


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