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Monday, March 01, 2004

Ballet ain't for sissies

I am so sore, I could barely do the splits this morning.
The library is pretty quiet or maybe I am just oblivious to the noise because I finally got batteries for my walk man. Yippee.
Today after ballet, I showered with two different soaps, cleaned my room then made lunch for Matt and I. He peaked into my bedroom and commented on the tidiness. He he:) I think I will vacuum tonight. I really should take my car into get repaired today but I would rather deal with it tomorrow. My mom thinks I am just out of oil.
Nikolai the giant Serbie just came into the library. He is so big and strong, and sweet to us. Yesterday ANdrew, Steven, Mike, Vasto, Asian Andrew and Benny watched the Oscars. I got so hyper I started convulsing in the living room...what's new.

I think very few people can exist in a relationship and remain interesting. Frequently, Most (myself) ompromise their(my) individuality and independence and character. Like you cannot define who you are with out the other, nor can you tell any stories without mentioning your loves name. I apologize to my listeners; I am finding it impossible not to talk about the drummer boy. I have been very good about not talking to my close friends about him(well that is not entirely true...sorry Dance) because I just dump my half hearted feelings onto the blog. Lovely Image
On a related note I found out today that people who survive Near Death Experiences usually become more enthused about experience knowledge and love on an more intense level.
Oh man I forgot to mention that I received my Death Midterm grade:B+
How does this happen? Honestly I am upset, I didn't deserve the grade since I basically crammed the day before. On girl next to me almost started crying when she was given the blue book marked B-. And here I am taking the class pass no pass regurgitating Sci Fi as philosophy. Aweee brilliant.

I just saw a guy with a mohawk...what is this world coming to?


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