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Monday, March 29, 2004

The FLoOr is SHaKiNG

What the hell? Have you ever noticed that the floor shifts in KOH? Weird. Maybe I am just delirious from the heat, but what can you do spend thirty one dollars on frozen food at Ralphs because that is exactly what I did. Damn Matt; he has an expensive smoothie makin habit that momma Kates appeases. Yeah so I have recently realized that my blog has gone to high hell. I mean I haven't been able to get into the swing of things since break. Damn it really is too hot today. I wanted to call up Jackie and invite myself over for a swim but I got on the phone. Stupid casting. No no no. I refuse to talk about casting over this thing. Here is a not so private previous conversation:
Matt: Walk me to school?
Kate: I guess since I have to go and blog anyway
Matt: what is your URL address again?
Kate: Nope.
Matt: what? It's not like I can't find it on my own.
Kate: I think I have blogger's block. I sit in front of the computer and have no idea about what to write about?
Matt: Write about your brother's new camera.
Kate: Naw
Matt: How about casting?
Kate: No, I'd feel like I was braggin'
Matt: Oh aren't you glamorous?
Kate: I don't know, it just seems like people treat you differently when they think one of your potential job prospects is casting.
Matt: Well, how about our various people watching activities in Santa Monica?
Kate: I'm sick of writing about you.
Matt: Hmmm, what about the girls who work in Bebe.
Matt begrudges the Bebe working girl's because of their superior attitudes in spite of their "inferior" minium wage incomes.

Earlier that day.
We flipped through channel after channel of abominable programming then settled for Noting Hill because I kicked the remote off of the futon...
Kate:Don't you think Julia Roberts is attractive?
Matt:No not really.
Kate: What you wouldn't do Julia Roberts?
Matt: Eh? She kinda has a weird face.
Kate: Well who do you find attractive?
Matt: I don't know.
Kate: Darrell Hannah? Kim Basinger?
Matt: Well they are all kinda old.
Then it dawned on me, they are older woman, but who cares they are "CLASSIC" beauties. And another thing, I have a hard time asking my boyfriend if younger girls are "hot". I mean it is weird to be like so Hillary Duff...pretty hot huh? She is like 16 and that is just wrong. My friend Nick is right I am turning into an old lady. Oh well all is well that ends well. But the conversation did not end well...
Kate:So who do you think is hot?
Matt: I don't know, Paris Hilton.
Matt:what? She's hot.
Kate: You are disgusting?
Matt: why?
Kate: she is like totally gross. You think an anorexic coke head is attractive.
Matt: Yeah
Kate: Do you realize that her leg is like half the size of my leg???
Matt: Whatever, you asked.
Kate: No, no I just think it is funny that of ALL the woman in the world you choose a Hilton sister.
so this is why guys and girls can't talk
Kate: So you would do her?
Matt: How old are you? DO HER?
Kate: If you were at a party and she got really drunk and pulled you in a corner, sticking her pickled cokey tongue down your throat, moaning for you to take her back to her townhouse would you?
Matt: Yes. I'd drug and then take her money...

So yeah I spend my free hours entertaining a capitalistic thief desperate for girls like Paris Hilton. Funny how life works out especially when you strutted around as "communism" last Halloween.


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