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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Guest Blog

Shit Goddamn, I'm a Man, I'm a Man.

What shallow exhibitionism this all is. But no matter, I am here and happy to be alive, and so shall you all come to know me, for my name is THE LORD.

What do you get when you cross a mountain climber and an elephant? Mountainclimberelephantsintheta.


But enough of this callow conspirationality. Garry Coleman is alive and well and fermenting nicely in my basement, and I will not have you befouling my product prior to its market date.

Knut Hamsun is dead as well. So it goes. Alas I may never procure his royaltities (accent on the second syllably, you guttar-dwelling swine), but no matter. For all artistic mistakes are intentional and thus provide infinite portals of discovery. Thus spake the one-eyed Irishman (and though I am in fact Irish, I assure you this sentence has no hidden phallic forebearance).

This is not Los Angeles, Atlantic, Dubai, Bangkok - no, it is a crepuscular melange of all of the Great Cities of the night, with the indian blue electric twilight beaming down from the heavens like the luminous red devil battery light of allmighty Allagh


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