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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Hey Italian Gooofy

I'm Happy, let's see how long this lasts?
Yesterday, Dance and I had a knit off. We both finished our scarfs but then she had to write a paper. Andrew called my cell and I ran home to the rescue, in pursuit of the essence of life: Olive Oil. Too bad I was all out and he and Mandy Cat had dry pasta, that is unless he stole from Tamar(which is likely) I encourage Andrew's thiefery, I think it makes him a better man. Anyway when I ran back over to my place I noticed Matt walk by my window so I let out a yelp and ran out my door. I jumped on him in the rain and then on him in his bed. Poor lamb is all caffienated out from studying so I gave him a backrub. Oh no I can't talk about this on blog, sorry for the crap out but I have never really been the one to lie in bed and talk. I like to get up and do things, like watch tv or eat ho ho's. However I like crawling into him, under his flesh I hide and stay warm. After a few hours I realized I better collect my abandoned stuff from Dance's. She was talking to her love so I was brief as she kicked me out with the boot of her shoe. POW.
Matty came over in his pj bottoms and USC sweatshirt to stay over. We quickly ducked into my room and into bed by 11:25. Talking about death and suicide to the wee early hours of the morning seemed natural. He told me about a guy who hung himself and I told him about my old best friend's overdose. I asked him about his worst Christmas and about Church. I feel like I never run out of stories to tell him. It's strange I feel like I always have something to say or talk about. I think this is because he is such a good listener. I have more confidence in my voice because it seems like he wants to hear it. I find myself drifting off into slumber chatting away. Sometimes he lets me sleep, last night he shook me awake. So I didn't get much sleep. I think we went to bed at 4 or five. I tried to get up for my class and he wouldn't let me out of MY bed. We wrestled for forty minutes. Keep in mind, my bed is about 9 feet off the ground so wrangling is not in ones best interest. Already five minutes late for class I weaseled my way out of his clutches and into a pair of pin stripes. Unfortunatly we had a quiz today, and being so tardy I missed it naturally. Dammit. After class I called that diabolical alpha male and whinned. The nerve he lectured me on puntionality. Casually I asked where he was, "Starbucks, I feel smarter here." Great, so I snaked over to the "bucks" in between classes and there he was in an A&F button down, nike sweat pants, pearl jam undershirt and USC cap. Who the hell am I seeing???
I'm bored of blogging. I just watched the simpsons and now don't feel like writing about anything else...


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