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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

To All English Majors Far and Wide (a guest entry)

Confidential to Dr. Winston O'Boogie:

Let us deride the smugness of The Times
So much the gagged reviewers,
It will pay them when the worms are wriggling in their vitals,
HERE are they who opposed newness,
Here are their tombstones.
They supported the gag and the ring,
Now a little black BOX contains them.
So shall you be also!
You slut-belied obstructionist,
You sworn foe to free speech and good letters,
You fungus, you continuous gangrene!

Perhaps I will die at thirty,
Perhaps you will have the pleasure of defiling my pauper's grave.
I wish you JOY, I proffer you all my assistance.
It has long been your habit to do away with true poets,
You either drive them mad, or else condone their drugs,
Or else talk of insanity and genius.
BUT I will not go mad to please you.
OH NO! I will stick it out,
And feel your hates writhing around my feet,
And I will laugh at you and mock you
And offer you consolations full of Irony.
Oh fools! Detesters of beauty!

I have seen those who go about with consolations,
Afraid to say how they HATE you.
Here is the taste of my BOOT;
CARESS it, lick off the BLACKING.


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