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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Who is HE?

I don't know why this is but I thought I would bring it up in the blog because it is a stupid and pointless observation that Freud would mark as an inability to fully commite. I have a BOYFRIEND who I am completely retarded over and yet when I talk to people relating stories about what I do in my free time; I say my friend instead of my boyfriend. Seriously every frickin time I say boyfriend I stumble over my words. I met this girl today, who didn't know me, I don't even think I told her my name but I told her a story and said my friend and I. I just don't think I like being seen as a boyfriend type of girl. Isn't this silly? I know that I would be hurt if he called me a friend. Heck I think I even raised my eyebrows at him once when I overheard him talking to his buddy about me as his neighbor. But that is different right? I had a right to be cross, neighbor is less then friend and friend is peanuts to Girlfriend. what stupid words huh? Almost as bad as "love". I don't know, he makes me feel sleepy and happy. I feel like I am tired all the time, I fell asleep in my class yesterday and today during a movie. Yet the weird thing is, before I started seeing him I slept like 6 hours a night and was always a good little hyper hippo and now I sleep 8 hours and am tired all the time. Maybe I am just getting old


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