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Friday, April 02, 2004

Right in the Kisser

So for the last 48 minutes I have been looking up free pie recipes. Out of the blue Matt says we should make a pie, so now we are gonna make a pie but I had no idea how many different types of pies were out there. Seriously I have been reading pie reviews, comparing different crusts to others and it kinda reminds me of car shopping. I mean if we are going to scramble together a pie fund since we have non of the ingredients and take the time to actually make the damn thing then this pie better be pretty fuckin amazing. I think I have settled on making a strawberry pie or a blueberry/blackberry pie. It's strange I am just not in a choco kinda mood.
The British guy next to me in the library overheard my plans of piedom and is convienced that I am a very "CULTIVATED" for being American...making friends...he asked if I was trying to impress anyone and I just shook my head because I know that Chief boy are dee Matt is gonna end up making the pies and I am gonna be on dish duty. But what do I care, I still get to reap the sweet rewards with a piece o pie


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