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Monday, April 12, 2004

What has happened?

Well I've neglected the good ole blog, but don't fret little bloggy, it is not just you! As of right now I am about a month maybe two behind in my responses, a paper short for death, the entire reading since the midterm for death is yet to be cracked, Mr. L.A just assigned a new paper topic, and I have not written any poems for my poetry class in over two months!
So what does little missy do in her free time? She didn't fax in her character breakdowns today and she has yet to email her bio to the film school. It can't be her internship because she starts that tomorrow, so what?
I'm losing my memory...
Thursday-passover. Ate flat bread and downed vino
Friday-facial, laundry, Maury(my son is now a woman, please give him a makeover so he can be the man he was born to be), Studio=played bass. there was Anthony(the singer), Jacquline(his girlfriend), Brian(Mr. Strings) and Matt "bam bam" Whalen. What a band. I taught Matt how to box step waltz. Anthony's house had beer and we stayed for a good hour.
Saturday-baked cakes, created banna cream cheese cake to take to easter, Studio(again)=played bass till my fingers turned black, got red in the face when Matt wouldn't let me bang on his kit. After. Brian made Matt and I dinner. We watched the Road to blah blah blah. I was bored and made jokes throughout the screening(could have been the jack talking or maybe the sugar in the coke)
Sunday-Happy Easter. Dance, Matt and I spilled onto my mother's door step at exactly 10 am. BOOYAH. Swam, drank, ate, baked, drank, drank, drank...passed out. The kiddies looked for eggs. Matt got a little red in the face from the champagne and Dance had to stop drinking before she collapsed. The cool water of the pool was sobbering to say the least and by cool I mean ICE COLD. After, Matt, Matt(my brother), Dance, Sophie and I went to see Fallen Angels, there was a scene where a guy was massaging a flayed pig. I liked it. Sure it was no Kungching express but it was good. Ate where Sophie wanted to eat even though the rating said "B" I have cleanlyness issues and B resturants give me the creeps. Let me clue you in on something. NEVER EAT AT A B! I worked at an A resturant and it was friggind disgustin back there but imagine what lurks in the kitchen of a B. I can't even fathom it.
Sunday night-we parted ways, went home (Matt's house) then drove to school to attend a production meeting where the directed failed to show. UNBELIEVABLE. The only reason I am working on this project is because I don't want to let Tyler down. But honestly, the story sucks. I mean it is terrible. And here I was last night, tired, worn out from the sun, sitting in a cramped conference room with a bunch of film geeks at 10:45 pm when I have an 8 am ballet class...

Monday- well here we are...
What classes did you attend today?
Oh ballet you say?
well what happened to the death class?
I'll be surprised if you pass.
Were you just feeling lazy
Oh your stomach was going crazy
well don't consume so much dairy
your intestines will get hairy
and puke will spring from you nose
causeing you to make a revoling pose.
Is that an old friend that I do spy
A friend? You left high and dry?
Why yes it is, better duck down
before she punches you in the crown.

ok so that's about where I am right now in my life. I am tired all the time, I barely have the energy to pek at tehese keys...
but at least it is a post and what a post


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