La lingua de Katia

La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


i don't speak french but I like to listen to it. I like to watch movies but turn on the french audio. Jim Carey is sexy when speaking French.

My girl

I love Sophie so much. She just makes my day. I was feeling stuck and wanted to see her and she decided to skip her class and I am going to bring over my computer to her house and we are going to do work together. Phew. I am so excited to get out of the house even though I feel really tired.

I listen tfo Mid morning internet italian radio tutti i giorni e oggi ho ascolta PLACEBO. I know that a lot of english pop plays on the Italian station but Placebo? It was so weird.

I really need a lap top. I feel like such a friggin dope luggin around my iMac:)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

So what's next

Who plays the fool in this round eh?
It is I, i was sucked into the bottomless pit of politics. A circus founded on insecury and immorality. I sit with my over sized "power planner" calculator tallying the electoral votes in disbelief. I just don't understand why people can be so irresponsible? Why is it that the metropolitian states all swing democratic and the southern states cling to their cowboy? It just seems so unreal. When Clinton was exposed for indecent contact everybody knew about it yet there are too many few and far between stories covering the Bush administration. I mean, I hate to see it happen but one day all of this chaos is going to make a great hallmark movie.

Now we're naked

Now what do you want? I want change.
It is too hot here. I can't think. I feel like I have been hiding behind the weather my whole life. what is going on? I hate cold weather but lately i have been craving change. Snow, wind, rain, Hail whatever. I want hurricanes and blizzards. i wanna find myself knee deep in snowy slush.