La lingua de Katia

La lingua de Katia The writings of a child from a thousand different parents

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm wired

Matt is lying in bed and I am infront of the computer wired to no end. I asked him, what are you doing in bed and his reply was, I just wanted to be horizontal rather then vertical. He drank a large glass of wine and didn't leave me any. Now I can't sleep and he has turned off all the lights. I hate sitting in front of the computer screen with the lights turned off. It's bad for the old pearly pearl pearls.
Hunter S. Thompson died, actually he shot himself. I hope that it is just a big joke. I loved his mediafied persona. He is the only person I ever respected who owned a gun and now look what has happened. Borrow the words from another great farcist, guns don't kill people, it's bullets just get rid of the bullets and then what the hell you suppose to do with the damn gun. I think people would think twice before killing themselves or shooting others if they had no bullets.